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Corn Mash Whiskey Maple Syrup 200mL


Corn Mash Whiskey Maple Syrup 200mL

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We have, with help from Hudson Distillery in New York, created Australia’s first Corn Whiskey Mash Canadian Maple Syrup.  Using a 50L White American Oak barrel to age the Corn Mash in for well over two years, this has produced a smooth American style Bourbon spirit.

We then emptied the barrel and filled it with A Grade Canadian Maple Syrup and aged the Syrup for many months. When the Syrup was infused with Corn Mash Whiskey it was removed from the barrel and then the barrel was re-filled with the Corn Mash Spirit.

After aging for months we have bottled the Corn Mash Spirit into a  350mL French Spirit bottle.


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