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AAA Hand Sanitiser 500mL 80% Ethanol Base


Our Sanitiser is 80% alcohol and contains Glycerol and Hydrogen Peroxide.

It also has a Coconut Extract as the fragrance.

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Is your sanitiser effective?

There are some sanitisers that are being sold currently that do not meet guidelines and will not be effective at killing viruses and germs.  Some sanitisers are antibacterial. These products will not be effective against viruses like COVID-19.
On the 20/3/2020 The Therapeutic Goods Administration specified a formulation for alcohol-based sanitiser using either 80 per cent (v/v) ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or 75 per cent (v/v) isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol).

The World Health Organisation recommends the same formulation, with the addition of Hydrogen Peroxide as an antibacterial agent.

The AHA Hospitality Hygiene course, the WHO, the Australian & West Australian Governments recommend using alcohol-based hand sanitisers in conjunction with hand washing with soap and water.

These organisations also recommended that you should
clean and sanitise frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, desks and bench tops.  As well as frequently used objects, such as your mobile phone, tablets, laptops, keyboards, keys, watches, wallets and bags.

Don’t forget to add your favourite Spirit, Port or Liqueur to your order



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