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Single Malt Whisky – SMWR19


Who doesn’t  like a Single Malt Whisky from an ex Sherry barrel?
No one!

Only 80 of these superb bottles are left.

As a gift with a presentation box or a special present just for you!

Product Details

Tasting notes Sherry Cask 48%  WSH2020004

Aged in a unique combination of Ex Bourbon/Rum cask initially then

into a Sherry/Bourbon cask for the final maturation.

Cut back to a high 96 proof maximize the strength of its unique flavours.

Colour: light polished mahogany with dark amber tones

On the nose: Sweet spice, hints of oak and almond.

On the palate:  This whisky offers a powerful blend and depth of complexity.

The main characters are sherry, dry oak, almond, dried fruits

and orange zest with a long lingering sherry and spicy fruit finish.

James Head Distiller



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