The Brewery

What’s a boutique brewery?

A Boutique Brewery can best be described as a smaller brewing premise, which produces a limited amount of beer, usually concentrating on quality rather than volume. In the UK, the term has become synonymous with small-scale breweries. Breweries are often described by their production capacity or brew length. In the US, the American Brewers Association defines a ‘craft brewery’ as “small, independent and traditional”.

The Grove is such a brewery, concentrating on the creation of crafted Real Ale of high quality and not necessarily high volume and delivering to its customers the very best in taste.

Meet the Brewer

Nik Hughes

Distiller & Brewer | Director

Nik is the brains behind the development and production of The Grove’s Ales and is constantly engaged in creating new tastes and flavours. His love of craft beer, especially in the field of Real Ale has led to the company’s latest range of brews.


Matt Hatcher

Head Brewer

Matt grew up in England and met his wife from Perth in America whilst working as a lifeguard. He travelled the world volunteering and teaching English before finding himself working on private yachts in the Mediterranean. Realising that a lifestyle change was in order to start a family, they chose what they believe is the best place to do so, in the Margaret River region.

Matt landed a job as a craft brewer at The Grove, introduced to their nano brewery on wheels and has now set roots with his wife Leona and daughter Florence.

The Art of Making Real Ale

At The Grove we believe in the craft of creating ‘real ale’. Is there a difference? Most certainly and if you’d like to understand the difference here’s a few short sentences to assist you.

The term ‘real ale’ was coined by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) in the 1970s. Based in the United Kingdom, CAMRA actively campaigns for real ale and pubs that serve real ale. Real Ale is a traditional form of unpasteurized, living product, which undergoes secondary fermentation in a cask or bottle. It is a delicate, specialised beverage, which should be stored and served at specific temperatures and handled correctly. At The Grove Experience we’ve perfected the art and created four wonderful tasting beers to suit every palate.

Try our House Ale

Derived from an American Pale Ale style, twisted and contorted over time to produce a full flavoured, heavily hopped deep red ale. Aroma hop is Citra bittering hop is Nelson Sauvin. If you are a fan of powerful ale, this is the brew for you.

Taste the Gangster Stout

A sweet Stout brewed in small batches, it is dominated by roasted malt flavours with Coffee and Chocolate notes present and compliment the silky mouth feel. Moderately low in alcohol for Real Ale, it sits at 4.9%, making it the perfect winter warmer.

Relax with a ‘Boring Beer’

Easy drinking, single malt, conservatively hopped to produce a style reminiscent to summer ale.

Party with a Big House Ale

Double the Hops of our House Ale! The increase in speciality malt usage creates a stronger flavoured beer that holds onto to higher alcohol content. With a fairly dry finish and 6.2% tag, this one is for lovers of true ale.