The Distillery


The Grove American Style Spirit from The Grove Experience on Vimeo.

What’s a distillery?

Distillation of fermented solutions has been practiced since ancient times. The first evidence of distillation comes from Greek alchemists working in Alexandria in the 1st century AD. Developed to produce distilled beverages with a high alcohol content, distillation of alcohol utilises a still for the purpose of creating spirits.

Meet the distillery team

 James Reed


Born in Palmer, Alaska, James began distilling at the age of 14. Having worked all over the USA in various capacities, particularly in the development and manufacture of stills, he was also involved in the research of spirits as an alternative fuel. Emigrating to Australia 2010, with wife Jodi and daughter Lindsey, James commenced as the The Grove’s Distiller in July 2012. He is responsible for distilling and spirit product development.

Steve Hughes

Distiller | Director

Born in Harrow, London, Steve worked in the high flying world of finance and insurance for
11 years. In a Mid-life crisis, he created The Grove Vineyard with his family in 1995 before realising his 17 years experience working as a Metro fuel distributor in Perth paved the way
for another form of rocket fuel… Spirits. Today he’s a Jack-of-all-Trades, Distiller, Brewer, Entertainer, Host, and a myriad of other roles.